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What makes a “good” iOS App?

As a developer or designer, we always want to create good app for our user. But to create a good iOS, we have to first understand what makes a good iOS App. In this post, I’ll try to define in a simple way, what makes a good iOS app.

Clear Purpose

Before writing any code or designing any screen, we need to deeply understand the purpose of the app we’re building. Each application we’re using should have a clear purpose. My example of a good app with a clear purpose is Apple Calendar. We can view, add, modify, delete events and that’s it and that’s ok. You don’t have to think twice when you open this calendar app. Apple Messages is also a good one, I’m not even counting how many times I’ve use it…

Simple to use

Reeder iOS Screenshoot

Reeder iOS Screenshoot

You might think design a beautiful app is enough to make an good App? Well, as Steve jobs said:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
– Steve Jobs

Indeed, good app tends to be simple enough to be use without having a tutorial. My favourite app to illustrate this second point is Reeder. This app follows the first principle, having a clear purpose, reading RSS feeds but It’s also a joy to use.

New content

What makes you open Facebook? Twitter? Or even Pinterest? You’ve guess it, new content. When an app is build around new content, it gives user an incentive to check back the app for new information, stories. Some of app, doesn’t rely on user-generated content but all major application (social network, news) are based around this principle.

Each of this point require deep understanding of user needs to build a good app not only iOS app. So for you, what makes a good iOS App?

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