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My first week with Swift

Have your heard about Swift lately? Nope, I’m not talking about Taylor Swift but Apple Swift. The newest programming language for developing iOS and OS X application. As part of my certification, I had to write a blog post about my first week, so I’m sharing with you my first days with Swift.

Why I choose to learn Swift

To be frank, I’ve always dreamed about building my own application. Indeed, when I was working on My Outfit, my previous startup, I tried learning Objective-C (Apple’s programming language) but my cofounder ended up laughing at me about my struggle…  (but he always explain to me the technical concept behind our mobile app). If you want to check it out: Download My Outfit Apple

So when I had the opportunity to begin the nanodegree from Udacity, I had to give me a second chance !

Learning with Udacity

A bit about Audacity, it’s a 6 to 9 months-program to learn iOS development. This program is both theatrical and practical. By the end of it, we’re supposed to have a strong portfolio to showcase our iOS development skills. It’s also a great way to be hired by tech company since the program is developed by AT&T.

What I have learned from this first week?

I’ll share with you three majors points of this first week:

1. Creating prototype using Storyboard

Turned out creating a prototype of iOS application isn’t that complicated. You just need to add some images, then link the view between them. And voilà! You can create a fully working prototype in no times.

Using Storyboard for prototyping

Using Storyboard for prototyping

2. Sometimes you can get stuck for long times… for simple things

Developing apps is funny but when you’re stuck into a bug or you don’t know what to do, it can become really frustrating. I have to share this with you, I was stuck for a whole day… Because, I didn’t add a file (mp3) in the right folder! Yes, being able to come forward in your training even when you are stuck in those types of things is necessary to get better.

3. A powerful documentation can really help

When you go deeper into iOS development, you obviously need to understand the tools offered by Apple. Now, I understand how a good documentation (or business requirements in BA world) can simplify the development of apps. Even with my relatively new knowledge of iOS development, I’m able to see and understand all the properties offered by Apple.

Apple documentation on AVFoundation

Apple documentation on AVFoundation

Why developing apps as a BA?

So you wonder why I learn to develop iOS app as an IT Business Analyst? Well, for me its the opportunity to develop my technical skills but also working as an engineer. Often as Business Analysis we hand out our work to the IT team but now with this course and this small project, I understand the necessity of good business requirements and how a good prototype or simple sketchs can help shaping our idea.

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