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How to “think and grow rich”: chapter 1

“Success comes to those who become success conscious knowing what you want”

I’m reading “Think and grow” written by Napoleon Hill and commissioned Carnegie Mellon. As you will understand with the title, this book is about giving all the tools and the mindset to think and grow rich through thirteen concepts that you have to apply in your life to succeed.

Keep in mind than rich is not only about financial but It could be about having better relationship with your family or friends, or anything that you describe as successful.

Chapter 1

So what is the first learning from the first chapter ? It’s resilience. Resilience to not give up when you meet a temporary defeat. It happens to everyone one of us, we meet a defeat and then we quit to a thousand of reasons. Here Mr Napoleon gives us the story of Mr. Darby, who was literally “three feet away from gold”. If you stick with this habit, you’ll have the drive to succeed even if you’ve failed all the way from now.

“Art of converting defeat into stepping stones of opportunity”.

But before having this indestructible resilience, you first need to know what you want. When you don’t know what you want, how would it be possible for you keep moving forward? It’s the same as running a marathon without knowing what prize you’ll earn if you succeed. It’s completely useless. But when you have a “goal”, a clear one, and you incorporated it deep into yourself,  you’ll have a powerful mission to your life.

To be frank with you, I already want to read the other chapter but as Mr Napoleon said: it’s not a book to watch once and you’ll find success but it’s more a reflexion on yourself and what you want in your life. So stay tuned for the chapter 2.

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