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My best resources in marketing

As you might know, I’m now an entrepreneur and business student. To have an edge on you works, you need to know resources which will brought you more understanding of you market and moreover open your minds about the future of your field of ability.

So to give you my best and relevant resources in marketing, so here we go!


Jeff Bulas – Internet marketing

The first one is jeff Bulas, we have the same name but he is clearly one of the expert on internet marketing, from social media to content marketing. You should take a look at his free resources, you’ll find helpful tools and advises on your next marketing campaign.

Seth Godin

He is more famous than Jeff Bulas, but he provided an interesting new visions to marketing, different from want we see normal marketing courses. You can also check his books, and without hesitation, his free stuffs about marketing.

Entrepreneur – Section marketing

Well known website about entrepreneurship, it provides all kind of information about marketing. A bit more general on subject, this resources cover more about marketing than the two earlier. The interesting point it’s that it’s based on an entrepreneur point of view.

This list is my top best resources in marketing, if you want to look for more larger lists, you should check this link:

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