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Announcing Motivation Hunt in beta


Announcing Motivation Hunt

I am glad to announce the launch of beta (for now) on my new iOS application Motivation Hunt (iPhone and iPad). You can have a quick glance of this app with the video below…

Why I have build Motivation Hunt?

Having completed my iOS nano degree at Udacity, I had to work on my own on a completely new app. I choose to develop this app because, I absolutely love motivation speeches (Eric Thomas aka E.T is my favourite motivation speaker) so what a better way to challenge myself to build a motivation app? It’s almost ready to motivate you!

What were my challenges?

The most difficult part (I’m still struggling) is Core Data. Indeed, understanding how to properly save the context and how to sync with the backend CloudKit was the most challenging part.

Using some of the framework such as Snapkit, Alamofire… I have made my life easier to get started and offer a better and quicker implementation of what I would have come up with.

What is the next step?

I still have to squash some of the remaining bugs and find the right architecture for database in order to have a great first foundation for new updates.

Some possibles enhancements and future:

  • I would like to make the app accessible on Apple TV and Apple Watch
  • Offer new type of motivation content: photos, quote …
  • Offer new theme of motivation content: success, religion, love …
  • Notifications when a challenge is about to come to a deadline
  • Offline syncing

One more thing…

I have my the app as open source, you can check the source code here:

Feel free to give me any feedback, tips and be ready to be part of the beta test: Be a Motivation Hunt Beta Tester

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